A Workshop to honour Prof. Orlando Ragnisco in his 70th anniversary


The Workshop will focus on all aspects of integrable systems, both classical and quantum, continous and discrete, including the following topics:

Symmetries and integrability of nonlinear equations
Integrable discretizations and discrete symmetries
Integrable and superintegrable Hamiltonian systems
Integrability tests
Integrable deformations
Integrability techniques for dynamical systems
Poisson and symplectic geometry of integrable systems
Quantum groups and Poisson-Lie groups
Integrability on curved spaces
Factorization and SUSY techniques
Exactly solvable quantum systems
Exact solutions and special functions
Integrable spin systems
Integrable field theories
Integrable models in quantum gravity

The Workshop is organized and supported by:
Mathematical Physics Group, Universidad de Burgos, through the MINECO Grant MTM2013-43820-P
ERC Starting Grant “Geometric problems in PDEs with applications to fluid mechanics”
Geometry, Mechanics and Control Network